It should also be noted that pulmonary tuberculosis disease may reappear without
show significant symptoms. Possibly feeling feverish body, difficulty breathing, heavy
the decline is a reaction done by TB germs back. The actual TB disease
is a disease that has long been known especially in developing countries like Indonesia.
This disease can be overcome with the prevention of BCG drugs. But lately the disease
started to appear again. This is closely related to the air travel that becomes so common that it is transmitted can occur from one place to another so very quickly.

In addition, with the emergence of HIV disease, TB disease as well become more easily developed, especially among patients HIV disease (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), a kind of virus the originator of AIDS (Acquiredimmuno Deficiency Syndrome).

Symptoms of TB disease

When the symptoms of tuberculosis appear with more severe symptoms like body sweats at night though the patient does not perform any activity and also sometimes vomiting blood. Not infrequently that found fluid buildup in the lungs. To ensure the presence of pulmonary tuberculosis, it is present germs in the phlegm under a microscope. If not found, it may need more thorough examination by microscopy or microbiological examination. The harder to do is if this germ infest other tubal organs such as the intestine, female genital or bone or kidney. The check will be done when people complain about the symptoms of organs that have some risk, such as the situation is not married, some of whom greatly neglect their health. Excessive drinking habits and like changing dating partners, will easily weaken the immunity of the body the more facilitate the attack of TB germs to enter the patient’s body tissue.

HIV is a type of virus that lowers the immune system, while TB germs disease who was searching for land in this already powerless body to spread its own germs. TB disease is looking for the body’s defenses that have been weakened this as a fertile ground for him. Because it is necessary to pay attention to those who have been exposed to disease Pulmonary tuberculosis, but has healed.stop tb

There is a possibility that the tuberculosis germ lies in places where other organs for years without regard to any symptoms. With the weakening of the immune system because of the HIV virus, it is a good opportunity for TB germs to gnaw the already weakened body. With this condition body TB disease that already exist, TB disease should be able to also shorten the time of infection of iron HIV becomes AIDS disease and AIDS. HIV infection and disease gradually continue to grow increasing the number of sufferers from time to time. The germs of a very dangerous disease now has grown in several cities in Indonesia.

The Relationship Between TBC and HIV

The link between TB and HIV disease is because the human immune system has a duty
to fight infections and attacks of diseases that attack the body. In addition, the effort in attacking the occurrence of this infection will usually make the immune system becomes weakened and will cause the number of CD4 cells becomes decreased, although usually when it is cured, the CD4 rises again. However, if the system a person’s immune person suffering from people with HIV should fight against other types of infectious diseases, then attacks from HIV will usually be reduced. So if the infection of TB and Hiv disease becomes active, then the CD4 count will also be decreased dramatically.

Anyone can be at risk for TB infection. Tuberculosis and HIV are related to people with HIV
have a high risk of TB infection. And besides, the infection happened
in a person who has HIV negative disease will only be active if it has occurred during
a few years, and most of the more than 90% will not develop that TB
active. Conversely, if a person has a TB infection, then the infection will likely be
active, and more active infection will occur quickly. Active TB will usually occur around
50% of people with HIV during their lifetime, compared with only about 5-10 percent of people who are HIV-negative.

Then, this will appear the more evidence that people with HIV will be more likely
develop active tuberculosis disease if encountered with others who suffer active tuberculosis deseases. So, the risk of people with HIV disease to experience TB disease attacks can become even greater. Anyway TB is more difficult to diagnose in people with HIV because although TB ​​disease is usually considered an OI, different from other types of OIs, pulmonary TB can be experienced by high CD4 cell counts. But the risks to develop active TB tuberculosis will also be higher if there is a damage to the system the immune system becomes increasingly heavy.

TB and HIV diseases although it can be treated, if tuberculosis disease is experienced when the immune system people with HIV are in a state of great destruction, sometimes the body will not be able to bear to receive load doses of tbc medications at once in the fight against infection. Unfortunately, under conditions as it is not uncommon for many patients to die after a few days or after a few weeks after therapy.

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