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3D Printing Could Help Fix Damaged Cartilage in Knees

3D Printing Could Help Fix Damaged Cartilage in Knees

Before we talk about 3d printing to fix cartilage first we talk about what is cartilage disease. Cartilage is small pieces or tissue part that has been found in many body part. It consist flexible material and the goal is like bumper in our car for reduce shock. Cartilage also like shock breaker for flexibility. In Medical meaning cartilage is

Reduces friction between joints

This reduce will make us easy to run, bend, and stretch with support our weight.

Holds bones together

Bones need glue to place in right place. Cartilage lock bones in that place with smooth weld.

Before Bones

In children cartilage transform to bones after several time.

Make Face Complete

In our face there is cartilage for our beauty. See our ear, that is example for it. Cartilage not like describe before transform to bone. It still in flexible ones and make our face complete.

Types of Cartilage

  • Elastic cartilage (yellow cartilage)

Elastic cartilage makes up the outside of the ears and some of the nose. It is special cartilage because it still flexible ones until ends.

  • Fibrocartilage

The toughest type of cartilage. It help withstand heavy weights. It is found between the discs and vertebrae of the spine and between the bones of the hip and pelvis.

  • Hyaline cartilage

It is found between the ribs and between the joints (articular cartilage).

Although consist with flexible material, Cartilage also relatively easy to damage. When cartilage inside joint is damaged, it can cause severe pain, inflammation, and some degree of disability. That also known as articular cartilage. Research has found more that people in 45 years old above has pain in knee. It also indicate cartilage in knees was damage.

What cause cartilage Damage ?

  • Direct blow – if a joint receives big impact. Some case in car accident or fall from high building. Athlete has high risk too. Because the hard exercise will impact cartilage. That Sport are American football, rugby, and wrestling.
  • Wear and tear – a joint that experiences a long period of stress can become damaged. This error can`t see in moment. Need along period to see the effect. In some case with overweight people has been stress ones rather than normal people. So obesity people has more risk to Inflammation, breakdown, and eventual loss of cartilage in the joints is known as osteoarthritis.
  • Lack of movement – the joints need to move regularly to remain healthy. Long periods of inactivity or immobility increase the risk of damage to the cartilage.

3D printing

printing become expert in several time ago. 3 Dimension object can be print easily now. Engine in automotive industry has been print from aluminium block. Woodcraft has been replace with PLC printing. All machine become an option because not have tired level. That engine always consistent of standart in all product.

In medical world 3d printing also applicable to print cartilage. The base material is non biological damage. It craft by printer to print cartilage in knees now. The final product has been implemented to replace damage ones.

Output product can be implemented in cartilage replacement read in here

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