Home Specialities Cancer What is Mesothelium – Mesothelioma Cancer – Mesothelioma Prognosis – Mesothelioma Treatment

What is Mesothelium – Mesothelioma Cancer – Mesothelioma Prognosis – Mesothelioma Treatment

What is Mesothelium – Mesothelioma Cancer – Mesothelioma Prognosis – Mesothelioma Treatment

Asbestos type

The division on the basis of whether or not asbestos fibers are spun is:

1) Asbestos fibers are spun, used for:

· Clutches, curtains and screens, gaskets, gloves, asbestos bags, steam boiler linings, wall coatings, fire fighting clothing, brake linings, car tires, asbestos textile materials, and others.
· Fire extinguishers, asbestos threads, ribbons, ropes, steam pipes, electric appliance, chemical equipment, gaskets for laboratory purposes, and electric wire wrappers.

2) Non-spinning fibers consist of:

· Asbestos cement for furnace and kettle coatings and pipes, walls, floors, chemical and electrical equipment
· Asbestos for roofing.
· Asbestos paper for floor and roof, heat insulation and heat insulation pipe cover
· Asbestos walls for homes and factories, various insulation, gaskets, boilers and furnaces.
· Various kinds of other ingredients that use asbestos are very fine and most asbestos as porridge
· Amphibol asbestos which is commonly used as textile fiber material is from the type of crosidolite variety. This is related to the spinning power that suits the needs of the textile industry.
· Cryptotes and antagonites belong to serpentine asbestos groups. Cryptoil is also a very important type of asbestos in the textile industry.

Asbestos Processing

Asbestos is milled in a milled machine. In the usual installation, used 3 kinds of milling machines. Jaw or gyratory crusher, cone and hammer mill. In this asbestos milling it should be attempted so as to obtain as much of the long fibers as possible because the hargan will be high and its use a lot, the result of long, short and fine fibers will be separated by way of filtering and sucking road with air, after which long fibers above the belt are taken with hands before entering into further processing. And the next use will be processed as raw material from the basic materials of this asbestos fibers.

Benefits Asbestos:

Many of the benefits of this asbestos fiber, the main use of high quality asbestos that can be spun used to coat the car brake, yarn and even cloth. Asbestos can also be used to make lamp-t-shirt axes, gloves, flame-retardant curtains, fire-resistant electrical and heat insulation clothing, transport bands or can be called a convenyor belt for hot objects, slime and swivel material on steam pipe joints. While long fibers are used as a mixture in asbestos cement used for roofing materials, it can also make short pipe and as anchoring.

Cons of Asbestos:

These fibers evaporate in the air and do not dissolve in water, if inhaled by the lungs will settle there and can cause various diseases. Asbestos can harm our body if there is a damaged part of asbestos, so the fibers can be released, this is very dangerous because it is difficult to detect how what is said asbestos is damaged, and sometimes we are not aware that the asbestos we use is damaged. Another condition that is very risky is when asbestos is repaired or cut will release debris in the form of powder that is very dangerous for the lungs (WHO, 1995).

is mesothelioma curable

mesothelioma is Very rare case aprroximately 15 thousand cases per year (Indonesia). Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured. Cancerous (malignant) mesothelioma is the most common form, usually affecting the lungs. A cough, chest pain and shortness of breath are symptoms.
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