Researchers from the University of Utah moved to make music as a therapy for patients with dementia. The idea arose because the music proved able to evoke the mood of patients with mental disorders. The part of the brain for cognitive function is also aroused thanks to listening to music. This is stated in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, which airs this month. Such conclusions were obtained after scientists recruited 17 people with dementia to follow a series of experiments. They played 20 seconds pieces of favorite songs. Then, the music listening activity is paused to be repeated. When the respondents were engrossed in music, the researchers were tasked with scanning the patient’s brain picture through fMRI.

As a result, music has an effect on the participants’ brains. Brain activity in visual networks, executive tissue, serebellar tissue, and corticosocellebar tissue, and salience tissue also increases. This is good news for the health world. According to one researcher, Dr. Norman Foster, music can be recommended as a therapy for dementia patients. The reason, the disease makes the brain tissue of patients reduced the number and function. “The language and visual memory path (patient) has been damaged when the disease occurs. However, their favorite music (music) is able to reactivate it. Especially for patients who have (forgot) with the environment, “he added. “Nobody says that music is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease,” Prof. said. James Anderson, another researcher, also chimed in. According to him, at least with music therapy can reduce depression and anxiety patients. Thus, the symptoms are more controlled so that it can reduce the cost of treatment and improve the quality of life of patients.

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