What is moringa? What benefit of moringa?

moringa leaves are oval with a small size layered compound in one stalk. It can be made vegetable or drugs but some people doesn’t know the benefit. Tea from the leaves of Moringa contains high polyphenols. It serves as antioxidants that are beneficial to oxidate human body. It will boosts the immune system that is not susceptible to disease. Due to the large
benefits and efficacy of Moringa leaves have scientists refer to it as ” The Miracle Tree “.

still conffius with what is moringa?


mineral in moringaThe results showed that Moringa leaves contain all the amino acids (Essential). it is very important. Except for vitamin C, all of the nutrients contained in fresh Moringa leaves will increase (concentration) when consumed in powder form.

Here below is a comparison of the nutrients found in fresh moringa leaves. The nutrient describe in fresh and dried ones.


kalium in fresh leaf will be drop in powder form

compare drien and wet leavesThe table above is the amino acid content in every 100 grams of fresh Moringa leaves raised from C.Gopalan invention, et al in each gram of nitrogen that has been done in National Institute of Nutrition in Hyberabad, India.

It is thus the conclusion of the results of this study indicate that the benefits of leaf Moringa would be even greater if processed into powdered moringa leaves than if the leaves of Moringa consumed directly as a vegetable. But even so the benefits and efficacy of leaves Moringa to keep good health if consumed regularly.

In addition it has been found essential nutrients amazing on Moringa leaves among others

  • Moringa leaves contain potassium tripled from the banana.
  • The content of calcium in the leaves of Moringa four times more than milk.
  • Moringa leaves are on a seven-fold Vitamin C than oranges.

vitamin A in the leaves of Moringa four times more than the carrots and two times the protein of milk

amino acid benefit

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