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US Doctors Use Polio Virus to Treat Brain Cancer

US Doctors Use Polio Virus to Treat Brain Cancer

medicalcases – Treatment of brain cancer until now continues to be developed. An exciting new breakthrough in the treatment of several types of malignant brain tumors made by researchers recently.

Uniquely, this treatment actually uses polio virus. However, of course this virus is not injected just like that in brain cancer patients.

Doctors at Duke Health in North Carolina, USA have changed the virus’s genetics. This is because the virus produces a strong immune reaction in our body.

The result, in this way the researchers could provide a longer life expectancy for patients with brain cancer recurrence.

All patients in the study were glioblastoma sufferers, a type of deadly aggressive brain cancer.

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Of the 61 patients in the study, 21 percent of those receiving this new treatment were alive 3 years later.

Even if the number is low, the number of survivors of glioblastoma cancer is usually even lower, one and a half years after being diagnosed.

The researchers compared the results of the newly-treated group study with the results of a study group of patients drawn from historical data on the treatment of brain cancer patients at Duke.

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In the medical history data, only 4 percent of patients survived three years after treatment.

Dr. Annick Desjardins, one of the authors of the new study, said not all patients reacted positively to the new treatment.

However, patients who react positively often survive for long periods of time.

Desjardins said, “the big question is how can we ensure that every patient reacts positively?”

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