– Washington DC – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), attracted nearly 207 million chicken eggs for allegedly containing salmonella bacteria.

It was also reported that at least 22 people got sick after eating eggs from some farms in the state of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, according to the FDA, hundreds of millions of eggs may be contaminated with salmonella braenderup bacteria, an organism that can risk weaken the immune system in children, sick people, and the elderly.

The eggs are drawn directly by Rose Acre Farms, a food distribution company based in the city of Seymour, the state of the Indiana chart.

As for each farm that tripped the case, according to the FDA, an average of 2.3 million eggs from three million chickens laying out each day.

Some states that accept the distribution of these eggs, among them are New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.


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