Experts usually use a body mass index or known as BMI as a measure of whether someone has reached an ideal body weight.

However, scientists now find a new measure called better, namely the relative fat mass index or RFM.

The research team said, RFM was more accurate than BMI. In addition, this size is also easier to calculate because it only uses a measuring tape.

That is, we don’t need a set of scales to calculate it like a BMI.

To get RFM, we only need to measure the distance around the waist which will be associated with height.

This way of measuring is called better to see whether a person’s body fat is at a healthy level or not.

“We want to identify a more reliable, simple, and inexpensive method to assess the percentage of body fat without using sophisticated equipment,” said Orison Woolcott, leader of the study quoted from Science Alert on Saturday (01/09/2018).

“Our results confirm the value of this new formula in a large number of subjects. Relative fat mass is a better measure for measuring body fatness than many of the indices currently used in medicine and science, including BMI,” he continued.

For information, when calculating BMI you have to divide your weight in kilograms with the square of the height in meters.

Numbers that indicate a normal BMI are between 18.5 and 25.

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Experts admit that this method is not perfect. Especially if you take into account gender differences.

Plus, this method does not always accurately reflect muscle mass and the results are often subtle for children and parents.

How To measure Fat with RFM

Therefore, the researchers call RFM a more accurate gauge. How to calculate it is:

Male: 64 – (20 x height / waist circumference) = RFM

Female: 76 – (20 x height / waist circumference) = RFM

Based on data from 3,456 adult patients in the US, RFM measurement results are very compatible with high-tech DXA body scans.

This scan is widely regarded as the gold standard for measuring body tissues, bones, muscles and fat.

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In other words, RFM is as good as measuring body fat from sophisticated medical equipment. Whereas what is needed is only a measuring tape.

Although research published in the journal Scietific Reports shows positive results, further studies need to be done.

“We still need to test RFM in a longitudinal study with large populations to identify a range of body fat percentages that are considered normal or abnormal in relation to serious obesity-related health problems,” Woolcott said.

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