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Might Cure Psychiatric Disorder with Baby’s Head Scent?

Might Cure Psychiatric Disorder with Baby’s Head Scent?

The smell of a newborn’s head can create a feeling of happiness, similar to drugs for psychiatric disorders.

Johan Lundström admitted there was a happy feeling when he smelled the scent of his daughter’s head after birth.

Biologists who specialize in the aroma are encouraged to do research on how the scent of a baby’s head can affect people

Lundström and his team from the Neurology Clinic from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm conducted an experiment on 30 women.

Researchers asked participants to kiss the hat belonging to a newborn baby and smell another.

At the same time, researchers recorded the participants’ brain activity using magnetic cameras.

The results of the recording show that the activity of the female brain that smelled the hat hat belonging to a newborn baby similar to the brain of soul patients who are undergoing therapy.

This makes the researcher hopes to find a new therapeutic method that is with the nasal spray model. The research has been published in the most popular science magazine in Sweden, Forskening.se.

“The aroma of an infant contains an average of about 150 chemicals, and we have not yet identified which one has a positive effect on the human brain,” Lundström said, quoted by Sciencenordic, Friday (16/2/2018).

Researchers have found indirect patterns and evidence, but overall the research is still quite complicated and this takes a long time before it can be applied to humans.

Researchers are also still looking for answers whether baby girls and men have a different aroma.

“Sejauh ini, semua penelitian telah dilakukan dengan bayi perempuan,” kata Lundström. Namun demikian, Lundström menganggap jenis kelamin tidak menjadi pengaruh.

Saat ini, obat-obatan kimiawi yang diberikan pasien gangguan jiwa selalu diberikan dengan dosis tinggi agar mampu menstabilkan aktivitas otak. Hal ini membuat efek samping yang buruk.

Hal ini juga menjadi perhatian peneliti apabila berhasil menemukan komposisi kimiawi yang sesuai dengan aroma kepala bayi.

Efek samping pengobatan dengan metode semprotan hidung ini membuat pasien kebal dengan aroma kepala bayi untuk sementara waktu.

Dua bagian di dalam otak yang berfungsi mengenali aroma dan penciuman dipaksa berdaptasi karena terus-menerus mengenali aroma yang sama.

“Di sisi lain, saraf penciuman akan membawa bahan kimiawi langsung ke otak,” kata Lundström.

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