what is Kidney stones ?

March 12, 2017 - Urogeital

Kidney is one organ that is essential for human life. Kidney function works as an important organ which has a role as a blood filter, issue results metabolism of the body in the form of urine and regulates the level of ions outside of cells, such as hydrogen ions, potassium, phosphate, sodium etc.

Kidney together with other vital organs that require special attention and care in order its function is still running well. If the organs of kidney disorder will cause health problems in the kidneys that covered a variety of different diseases that attack the kidneys, such as kidney inflammation, kidney infection, until akuta glomerulonephritis (GNA). However, each type of kidney disease has different characteristics and symptoms

Water is the source for kidney health

generally water gives considerable influence in the lives of human beings with human organs and cells of organs. White water saves a lot of tremendous benefit, especially for kidney, the kidney is quite a lot of fluids in order to maintain the functions and kidney organs still running optimally. If the body of water shortage will lead to blood flow in all organs, tissues and other body cells become obstructed, causing a decrease in the body’s metabolism dramatically. This will burden the kidneys, therefore if someone is stricken with kidney disease can be seen in
facial appearance that looks lethargic and quickly felt weak.

Facts about kidney stones:

  1. Researchers and scientists found the oldest kidney stones in Egyptian mummies 7,000 years old.
  2. According to the doctors, as many as 3 million patients have complaints on the kidneys, an estimated 1.5 million
    pasein detected experience kidney stone disease.
  3. In general, many people suffering from kidney stone disease can be overcome by itself without the intervention of a doctor, if the kidney stone disease is still in its early stages or normal, then the kidney stones will come out on its own with urine. However, if the disease is severe and worsens, then required treatment from a specialist to remove kidney stones by surgery.
  4. From a variety of information, that Caucasians have a greater risk of kidney stone disease
    compared to the AfroAmerika.
  5. Kidney stone disease is generally a lot of whack men, especially at the age of 40 years and more
    increases when the age of 70 years. Women have a lower risk of developing kidney stones, if any
    occurred at the age of 50 years.

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