How Prevention of Chlamydia

March 19, 2017 - Urogeital

Free sex may now not be a taboo to talk about. Even too freely, the results showed 22.6% of teenagers in Indonesia close to the free sex life. The lack of knowledge about reproductive health can be fatal. Unwed and dangerous diseases such as AIDS or venereal disease could be to lament later on.

Chlamydia including one of the venereal disease is very easily transmitted through sex. Diseases caused by the bacteria can infect men and women. Uniquely, the exposed bacteria, unknowingly been infected. Even though it has not infected, patients can transmit the disease to their partners.

This disease can cause disturbances in the arts channel (urethra), cervix (cervical), rectal discharge path, throat, and eyes. Despite causing a lot of hassle, but it can be prevented.

Chlamydia – the Indonesian her, these conditions have symptoms similar to gonorrhea, although it could also act without symptoms. In the United States, Chlamydia is among the most treatable, but has infected about four million people each year. The disease can cause severe arthritis and infertility in men. Such as syphilis and gonorrhea, sufferers can be cured with antibiotics.

How is transmitted?

Free sex course. Chlamydia is spread through intimate contact with the sufferer, will be more vulnerable if you are keen to change partners. It develops 2-14 days after infection. If it is so the patient can have the disease for months, even years without knowing it.

For women, will experience spasms in the lower abdomen, menstrual schedule changes, pain during urination, bleeding and mucus changes in the genitals. In men, will remove mucus on the genitals, pain during urination, pain and swelling in the testicles.

Even in women and men, an infection of the rectum can occur without the patient’s knowledge. Patients will only feel pain and rectal mucus.


Prevention can be done by not having sexual activity before marriage, be faithful in pairs, stay away from deviant sexual behavior and risky, near to the Lord and the teachings of religion, filtration solicitation, encouragement, or any appeal that invites directly or indirectly to the immorality, such as through information media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, and so on, that’s what needs to be done.


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