Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

March 8, 2017 - Urogeital
Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

If cervical cancer is detected early, treatment success rates are higher. Referral to a gynecologist or physician specialist female reproductive system will be given if the pap smear shows abnormal cells in the cervix. In most cases, the presence of abnormal cells does not mean cervical cancer. References to the gynecologist is also provided in case of abnormal vaginal bleeding to see if there are any abnormal changes in the cervix.

Benefits Inspection More

With the biopsy, the patient can find out if cervical cancer and whether it has spread. If indeed there is a cervical cancer, further investigation is needed to determine the extent of spread of cancer, among others:

Stage Cervical Cancer

Stage of cancer can be determined after all the tests are completed. Stadium used to describe how far the cancer has spread. If the higher stage of cancer, the spread of which occurred more widely. Here is the stage of cervical cancer by spreading:

Cervical Cancer Types

By detecting the type of cervical cancer patient pathway will help the process of treatment and proper handling. There are two types of cervical cancer, namely:

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