How Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Prevention

March 8, 2017 - Urogeital
How Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Prevention

In fact everyone can be infected with HPV virus that cause cervical cancer does not care either women or men as well. HPV infection is mainly transmitted through genital contact, not just sexual intercourse. The infection is highly contagious, so the women who have ever had sex will be able to have the risk of cervical cancer. It takes the correct method to detect the presence of cervical cancer. This screening method is an effective method to detect signs of pre-cancerous or also the characteristics of cervical cancer, so it will help in proper handling of cervical cancer early. Obviously this only works screening method to detect cervical cancer and not sebagau way to prevent cervical cancer. Screening itself can be done with a pap smear or examination methods as well VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) test. Here’s the explanation:

PAP smear

cervic cancerPap smear is an examination conducted on the surface of cells in the cervix to detect cervical cancer. This test is done in women who have had sex and to qualify: Menstruation has completed at least 3 days Not being in sexual activity at least 3 days Not using drugs associated with intravaginal. This test is used to detect whether there are changes to the changes in cervical cells are in an abnormal condition. Stage of the investigation conducted by taking the liquid in the cervix using a spatula then the test sample is examined under a microscope.

IVA Test

IVA test has a sense of visual inspection with acetic acid is a method that can be used in other ways to find and detect the presence of signs of cervical cancer there. The trick is to spray liquid acetic acid in concentrations of 3% to 5% in the area of ​​the cervix. Then from this spray, see whether there is a change in color to a white color to the area to be sprayed earlier.

For women who actively have frequent sexual intercourse would be highly advisable to conduct a screening method using a pap smear or by way of IVA test.

Prevention of Cervical Cancer

1. Vaccination

To avoid cervical cancer are preventive methods currently known in the medical world wide is by vaccination. One thing that is the reason why many cases of cervical cancer in Indonesia is due to the lack of knowledge about cervical cancer. Thus making the lack of public awareness regarding vaccination of cervical cancer.

HPV vaccination is an effective way to avoid this disease. The vaccine will be useful to improve the performance of the immune system to hit and destroy the HPV virus when it started to get into the body. It dappat prevent infection in the body due to exposure to the HPV virus.

2. Maintaining Sexual Behaviour

How precautions that can be done is to maintain the habit of sexual behavior in the healthy standard. It would be better if you do this early detection method regularly at intervals so it will keep yourself from potential cervical cancer is more severe.

Cause of Cervical Cancer

Currently the main cause of cervical cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. The papilloma virus has been identified as the cause of 99.7% of cases of cervical cancer. This virus has a small size, with a diameter that is approximately at 55 nm. There are more than 100 types of HPV virus, the type of this type is the most common HPV types 58, 56, 52, 51, 45, 35, 33, 31, 18, and 16. For 70% of the causes of cervical cancer are diagnosed with HPV types 16 and 18.

Naturally, most of the HPV virus that attacks will disappear because their immune system. However, some virus is not eradicated and remain in the human body. HPV circumstances that kept settling is then a cause of the changes in the cervical cells become cervical cancer. The time needed for an HPV infection of the pre-cancerous stage until it turns into cervical cancer may take a period of up to 10 to 20 years.

human papilloma virus

Early Symptoms of Cancer Cervic

If a person has been exposed to cervical cancer, then he will cause symptoms of cervical cancer. Among others, as follows:

Vaginal bleeding or bleeding through the area contact
their vaginal discharge mixed with blood and smelling vaginal discharge
their symptoms are the symptoms of metastasis dissemination, such as pain in the area around the pelvis
Difficulty in urination
If you may experience these symptoms, it is advisable to do a test to find out if he was really affected by cervical cancer. Strongly recommended for women to be concerned with reproductive health area, especially if it is at risk factors for cervical cancer.

The risk factor for cervical cancer is higher in women who have a smoking habit, frequently changing sexual partners while having sex, married women in the younger age, and also for women who also suffer from immune deficiency or AIDS patients.


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