what Cause and The Symptoms Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

March 13, 2017 - Urogeital
what Cause and The Symptoms Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

A kidney stone is a kidney disease, a disease that causes problems in kidney function. kidney stone disease also has a medical name Nephrolithiasis. It because there is a process of stone formation or hardening of the stones in the kidney. The presence of kidney stones can be done by anyone, the cause of the disease kidney stones because of health problems caused by the body and also there is excessive intake.

Substances and compounds that have become waste can be hardened in the kidneys if not disposed of quickly,
and the disposal process will be slow due to the amount of waste is too much in the kidneys. so factor
the occurrence of kidney stones was because no amount of the substance or substances in the body in large quantities. therefore need to pay attention to good kidney health, not to form kidney stones can inhibits urination.

Causes of Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

Kidney stones are formed because there is waste that hardens in the kidney. Hardening of waste in the kidneys because the amount is too much. Kidneys have difficulty disposing of waste that has been filtered if the amount is too much. There are types of kidney stones that can be found include calcium stones,uric acid, struvite stones, and cystine stones. All types of kidney stones are formed from different compounds and because there are still individual triggers.kidney stone

The cause of kidney stones (Nephrolithiasis) species with calcium stones are calcium in the body excessive. The amount of calcium in the body can be caused by too many health problems. There is problems that cause the  of too much calcium production, commonly by genetic. So your body will release calcium in the urine in large quantities
so that the waste of calcium in the kidneys more and more, and gradually settles in it will hardened.

The cause of kidney stones (Nephrolithiasis) species with uric acid stones, rocks caused high uric acid levels. The body produces uric acid in large quantities not only be inflamed in the joint or cause gout, but so also settles in the kidneys as well so it is also can be crystallization of uric acid in the kidney. Such conditions can occur simultaneously
with joint disease. due to the high purine content so that the body was also produces acid veins are many. therefore the kidney stone disease could occur.

Another type of kidney stone is a stone that is found more struvite and cystine stones. Struvite stones more often
found in women, because struvite stones caused by a urinary tract infection. Hence, do not underestimate urinary tract infections as well, because it can cause kidney stones (Nephrolithiasis). For cystine stones are formed as well as the amino acids in the body too much. struvite stones are not often encountered, unlike the other types of stone.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

If already formed kidney stones it does not always appear symptoms of kidney stones, kidney stones are small size does not feel anything, because it is still easily removed along with the urine. But there are symptoms of kidney stones getting bigger, below are some of the symptoms that can occur:


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