Weight Loss Surgery Options – Gastric Bypass Surgery

February 17, 2017 - surgery
Weight Loss Surgery Options – Gastric Bypass Surgery

There is one episode that caught my attention, about a girl who strong desire do Gastric Bypass surgery in Mexico because his mother demanding his body thin. Though his son have ideal body weight, probably because the slim standard has been ‘different’, would the child is still not wrote confident with her body shape. Victims marketing (i do not blame you. Are not we all? )

Gastric Bypass surgery is the surgical cutting intestine and / or diminution stomach, to overcome the weight problem for people who are obese. There are several kinds of its type, the most common is the Roux en-Y bypass, like this:


See the picture? Hull split in two, one part of which is directly connected to the small bowel (without going through the small intestine). Most of the stomach and small intestine is left stored in the body, but unused. In this way, we will feel full quickly because the capacity of the stomach is very small, and most of the fats we consume will not be absorbed by the body, because the food that we consume not pass through the small intestine which serves to absorb food juices. The advantage of this method is gastric bypass, because no organ is removed, the procedure can be reversed, so that the digestive system is back to normal.

The effect is how? Here facts about gastric bypass surgery:

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