Stent Surgery Technique and Side Effect

February 4, 2017 - surgery
Stent Surgery Technique and Side Effect

Heart disease has now occupy the top level of the cause of death worldwide. This is evidenced by the high level of presentation of the nominal patients who died of heart failure. This disease requires treatment that is serious enough so that patients get the solution treatment of this deadly disease. One solution that is commonly by a doctor is to perform surgery. It tide ring in the heart organ in a patient’s body although there are several alternatives.

Alternatives describe at bottom of this page.

Replace stent is generally known as post stent or ring in the heart organ. Keep in mind that the ring post heart is a procedure to widen the coronary arteries in the heart are clogged. It not to eliminate clogging plaque or thrombus on the walls of our blood vessels.

It is intended to open or widen blood vessel coronary / blockages to the heart of the heart so that the heart can again receive blood supply and oxygen.


According to the cardiologist, heart ring is required when someone starts undetected coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease is generally the case because of the coronary arteries on the heart is narrowed so that the entire work of organs other too hampered because of the blood flow as a vital ingredient that flowed throughout the body that need it passes through the intake coronary blood vessels.

clog or blockages as a result of fat that accumulate and calcium deposited on the heart. This deposit can be hard so can be interference  a supply of blood and oxygen to flow. And even more fatal, it can cause the heart muscle dying so ending with someone’s death.


In such circumstances, it takes a buffer so that the blood vessels open and blood flow and oxygen can smoothly flow to the heart muscle. Therefore stent  open the blood vessels so that more broadly.


Side Effect

This surgery expend a lot of money. It also have risks or side effects as some examples that decreased blood pressure. It also reactions in the materials used when installing the ring.

The second greatest risk is when the ring stent or rupture caused by hard clogging that must bypass surgery. It must do in order to save the lives of patients. The worst is failure of the operation that can lead to death.bypass

Heart bypass surgery is different from ring post cardiac surgery. It creating a new channel passing through a coronary artery blockage or constriction to get new blood flow. As result the new ones can carry oxygen and other nutrients to the heart muscle and organ as a whole.


The newly created channel is derived from a healthy artery or vein (no plaque blockage / narrowing) from other parts of the body. That are usually taken from the back of the thigh and then connected with transplant coronary artery .


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