Monosodium Glutamat = Cancer ?

July 5, 2017 - nutrient, food and fruit
Monosodium Glutamat = Cancer ?

What is MSG?

MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) is one of the food additives derived from the amino acid “glutamate acid”. Besides being produced by the body naturally, glutamic acid can also be synthesized through chemical reactions.

Is it true that MSG causes cancer?

The common synthetic glutamate added to the diet is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compound because it can produce free radicals that can damage DNA regulation and trigger cancer cell growth. In an amount that is not excessive, MSG actually can still be consumed because our bodies have a mechanism of defense against free radicals.

Then, how ?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that MSG is still safe to eat, even in populations that are sensitive to MSG. It is known that glutamate in MSG is metabolized through the same pathway as the natural glutamate produced by the body. Hence, no significant effect of MSG was found to be consumed by normal populations and populations sensitive to MSG.snack

So how should it be as a consumer?

MSG is safe to consume, but in an amount not excessive. 0.5 grams of MSG in each food is an FDA-recommended restriction. In addition, food manufacturers are also required to write down the MSG content along with the amount. For patients with a positive diagnosis of cancer, should avoid the consumption of foods containing MSG to avoid unwanted effects.

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