“kelor” leaf Benefit

February 1, 2017 - nutrient, food and fruit
“kelor” leaf Benefit

Moringa leaves to Lose Weight

Had problems body obesity, or belly distended certainly made to suffer and
appear not confident. If this is your problem, you try to cope with Moringa leaves. With Moringa leaf tea consumed routinely and regularly help to deal
digestive problems, thus stimulating the metabolism to burn calories more
fast. Because the Moringa tea is easily absorbed into the intestines.

Moringa as a provider of energy

By regularly consume Moringa leaf tea every morning is beneficial to strengthen the body to remain pro-active throughout the entire day. The body will automatically feel good and energized than ever.

Moringa leaf efficacious as a provider of nutrients

Moringa leaf tea is very important to maintaining the brain and eyes. nutritional brain helped in making the right decisions even in difficult situations.

Moringa leaf properties to improve the function of excretion

Equally interesting that Moringa leaf tea can help improve and increase
kidney and liver function. The body will be fit and healthy if the function of sewage works normally

Moringa leaves for Hair

Nutrition on the tea leaves of Moringa even believed to streng and make more heavy hair, hair become healthy, strong and shiny.

Moringa leaves to Eliminate oak faces, whiten skin, remove pimples and blackheads

Moringa leaves can be utilized to overcome the oak black, Acne and blackheads on the face

how? Mash a handful of leaves of Moringa young to completely smooth and then used for powder or can be mixed with the powder as masks let stand 25-30 minutes and then rinse again.

Moringa leaf lower the heat fever in children

When hot fever afflicts children, you can heat meunrunkan children with Moringa leaves.

how ? puree 3 handles moringa leaves the ground after the way smooth paste in on the crown of the child’s head. do this in the morning and not at noon. for optimal results make Moringa leaf extract 1 cup 2 handles way Moringa leaves finely ground along with 2 shallots, then add 1 cup of water and then squeeze and strain. Give your child a drink with this herb in the morning and evening.

Moringa leaves to diet

Because the Moringa leaf can produce long lasting energy then automatically with regularly consume Moringa leaves and helpful teraut to help the diet
naturally and safely.

Moringa leaves as eye medicine

Moringa leaf is useful for maintaining the health of the eye lens, can be used as drugs to prevent and cope with degenerative eye disease.

kelor leaf

As a source of beta-carotene

Beta-carotene found in Moringa leaves also serve to reinforce the durability
the body so it is not susceptible to disease and accelerate the healing process

Oil ben on the leaves of Moringa as a source of anti-oxidants

In the fruit seeds of Moringa oil contained about 40 percent, which is the fruit of Moringa oil known as Ben oil. Moringa seed oil is rich in antioxidants, and
nutritional nearly identical to similar olive oil.

Moringa leaves as source of iron

Perhaps not everyone knows that young Moringa leaves are usually consumed as a vegetable. This turned out to contain iron three times larger than spinach leaves.

Moringa leaves as a source of essential amino acids

On Moringa leaves are an essential amino acid protein that is an element that serves to repair and maintain the body’s cells. The human body can only produce acid Amino approximately 10 to 12 types only, while 8 kinds of essential amino acids must met through the intake of nutrients in the daily diet.

Moringa leaves as a natural energy source

Benefits leaves of Moringa leaves are not less important function to improve
the amount of energy naturally and durable.

Moringa leaves cope with various diseases

The benefits of Moringa leaves can also cure ulcers, inhibit and prevent tumor
overcome joint pain (arthritis) Moringa leaves even helpful to stabilize the blood pressure.

The benefits of Moringa leaves to increase milk production

For nursing mothers are encouraged to multiply consume Moringa leaves, as leaves Moringa is beneficial to increase the amount of milk production and maintain the quality of breast milk. This of course it becomes important for the growth and development of the baby’s brain cells.

As a natural food supplements

To keep the body power are encouraged to consume Moringa leaves and fruit,
as helpful Moringa as a natural supplement, it is because of Moringa leaves are rich in calcium and multi vitamin.

Tea Moringa flowers as a source avonoid and anti-oxidants

Not only the leaves and fruit, plant flowers even though Moringa can you be tea natural herbs that are rich in avonoid and antioxidants.

The roots of the plant Moringa can cope with various diseases

While in the Moringa plant roots can be used as a traditional medicine for
improve the circulatory system, preventing inflammation, increase appetite, either for digestion, and is no less interesting is the Moringa leaves are useful to overcome gentle and the female reproductive tract problems.

Addressing the various diseases in

Based on the results of research and analysis experts to nutritious Moringa plant roots cure ovarian cancer, inflammation, kidney stones, improve renal function Overall for help remove calcium and phosphate in the kidneys of more effective.

Moringa leaves overcome bad cholesterol

Not all cholesterol in the body harmful for health, but there are also types
beneficial cholesterol. So Moringa leaves efficacious to control, balancing,
and overcome evil Choleseterol as risk factors that cause heart disease, and stroke.

The leaves of Moringa improve the body’s metabolic system

Good body’s metabolic system is very important to keep the body

The benefits of Moringa leaves as anti-bacterial and anti-venom

The benefits of Moringa leaves is no less important that acts as an antibacterial and anti-toxins, so it can be used as a natural antidote. This proved that the seeds of Moringa were able to absorb impurities in the water, so the water was clear and healthy. so also function Moringa leaves and fruit seeds are useful to help absorb and remove toxins
in the blood.

Moringa leaves no side effects

Consume Moringa leaves in large quantities would not be bad for health,
dun Moringa because there is absolutely no good side effects when consumed by people adults and by children.
Below also includes the benefits and efficacy of Moringa leaves in addition to


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