Benefit ” kelor ” leaf (Moringa Oleifera) in powder form

February 1, 2017 - nutrient, food and fruit
Benefit ” kelor ” leaf (Moringa Oleifera) in powder form

is a plant of Moringa. This plant has a stem height of 7-11 meters. Moringakelor nutrient leaves are oval with a small size layered compound in one stalk. It can be made vegetable or drugs but some people doesn’t know the benefit. Even tea from the leaves of Moringa contains high polyphenols. It serves as
antioxidants that are beneficial to oxidate human body. It will
boosts the immune system that is not susceptible to disease. Due to the large
benefits and efficacy of Moringa leaves have scientists refer to it as ” The Miracle Tree “.


kelor3The results showed that Moringa leaves contain all the amino acids (Essential). it is very important. Except for vitamin C, all of the nutrients contained in fresh Moringa leaves will increase (concentration) when consumed in powder form.

Here below is a comparison of the nutrients found in fresh moringa leaves with Moringa leaf that has been dried and ground into powder form (powder) in units the same weight:




kalium in fresh leaf will be drop in powder form

nutrisi kelor 2The table above is the amino acid content in every 100 grams of fresh Moringa leaves raised from C.Gopalan invention, et al in each gram of nitrogen that has been done in National Institute of Nutrition in Hyberabad, India. While information about the content Moringa leaves are dried nutrition is the result of the analysis of Lowell J. Fuglie supported by Church World Service and The Departmentof Engineering the University of Leicester and perfomed by Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association in Gloucestershire, England.

It is thus the conclusion of the results of this study indicate that the benefits of leaf Moringa would be even greater if processed into powdered moringa leaves than if the leaves of Moringa consumed directly as a vegetable. But even so the benefits and efficacy of leaves Moringa to keep good health if consumed regularly.

In addition it has been found essential nutrients amazing on Moringa leaves among others

kelor powderBenefit

From the results of the above study it was found that the benefits of Moringa leaves are

    1. The benefits of Moringa leaves to treat Heart Disease.
      A scientific study conducted tests on laboratory animals published in
      the February 2009 issue of the “Journal of Medicinal Food” explains the benefits of Moringa leaves can prevent heart damage and antioxidant benefits. In the study explained that the administration of a dose of 200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight each day for 30 days, resulted in lower levels of oxidized lipids and heart tissue protected from structural damage.

      Moringa leaves are very significant to heart health.

    2. The benefits of Moringa leaves as anti-cancer.
      Tissue culture studies of human cervical cancer cells, published in the journal peneltian On “Food and Chemical Toxicology.” June 2011 issue explained that the extract of leaves of Moringa helpful to support early cell death, preventing the growth and reproduction of cells cancer.

      the leaves of Moringa shows potential as
      natural prevention.

    3. The anti-diabetic efficacy of Moringa leaf.
      Zinc levels of nutrients in Moringa leaves are minerals that are beneficial for the production of insulin. On Scientific studies have been conducted on an animal testing laboratory, published in the June issue 2012 of the “Journal of Diabetes,”

      Every extract of leaves of Moringa is 150 milligramsuseful as an anti-diabetic.

    4. The benefits of Moringa leaves to fight allergies.
      Moringa leaves are also effective and powerful to overcome the allergy by means of grab handles three leaves of Moringa and boiled, plus pulasari taste, the spring onions, with water three glasses, boiled until the water is boiling and the remaining two glasses. then filtered and drink every day
    5. Efficacy of Moringa leaves to treat herpes, ringworm and sores.
      The disease can be treated with moringa leaves the way: Mashed seven handles leaf Moringa until smooth and take on the skin with allergy problems
    6. The benefits of Moringa leaves to treat sore eyes
      If you are suffering from sore eyes immediately with Moringa leaves treat her that way three handles leaf
      Moringa in blender until smooth and add 100ml water. then squeezed until Moringa leaves to get the juice. Moringa leaf extract used as an eyewash.
    7. The benefits of Moringa leaves to cope with rheumatism
      rheumatic aches and pains can be fixed by using moringa in a way 2 handles Moringa leaves finely ground and added with half a tablespoon of lime Betel, use of this herb Moringa leaves as a “param”.
    8. The benefits of Moringa leaves can cope with jaundice.
      Called jaundice because the disease is characterized by its yellow body organs usually on the eyes, nails, and other limbs. This disease is actually due swelling of the liver caused by a virus. to cope with jaundice you can
      using Moringa leaf herb Mash until smooth way he handles 3-7 leaves of Moringa add 1 cup of green coconut water and then squeeze and strain. before drinking should add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink this concoction once a day until
      jaundice cured.
    9. Benefits of Moringa leaves help heal Twilight myopic eyes and eye irritation
      Mash until completely smooth 3 handles moringa leaves then pour 1 cup water set aside some time to boil, stirring frequently, then strain. Wait until cool or warm and add a few spoons of pure honey. Drink this concoction at bedtime night.
    10. The benefits of Moringa leaves to treat intestinal worms
      Worms often experienced by children, If your child has worms to be overcome using Moringa leaves. The way Moringa leaves 3 handles, one handle of chili leaves. 1-2 rod meniran three ingredients are boiled with 2 cups water to boil until the remaining 1 glass. After it is filtered, and drink this concoction every day.

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