Symptoms of Meningitis

March 16, 2017 - nerve and brain
Symptoms of Meningitis

Patients affected by meningitis usually are not too obvious. Because the symptoms are very common Yag arise. And the symptoms are not typical or specific nature. Rather common, as usual disease. Some of the symptoms most often occur when a person is exposed to meningitis are fever, headache and neck pain and stiffness and soreness. So patients affected by these symptoms, just thought it was a normal symptom of a disease. However, after the check, it turns out he suffered from a disease that is quite fierce and heavy.

By the time patients develop symptoms of the condition or a bacterial virus that infects the meninges part still in very early development. They will spread and make part meinges earlier inflammation. As a result in part of the brain organ is so enlarged and swollen. This occurs because of an infection in the section. Although actually, a lot of reasons why the nervous system and the brain can be damaged.symptoms meningitis

Symptoms of the other symptoms that the patient has the possibility of meningitis disease are:


Usually when people feel uneasy, he tends to want to get the attention of others, or at least tell someone else. Unfortunately, sufferers of meningitis is different. Although he was in an agitated state, they did not want to be touched by others.

High fever

Patients affected by the disease meningitis will find a high fever. Even his temperature rising earlier will make the hands and feet feel cold. This will normally be considered lightly. Perhaps because of overwork. At that time, micro-organisms which cause a person affected with meningitis will start menginveksi severe.


Patients affected by the disease meningitis is going to hurt Hamir all over his body. Because of his illness, he could not resist. As a result, he often shed tears continuously. So do not be surprised if a patient of meningitis disease will look very miserable.

Looks Confused and Less Responsive

Because meningitis disease attacks the brain, it will be a lot of effects and consequences on the caused. One is the motor nerve. Patients will be seen less responsive and also looked very confused. They also look slow. Sensitivity to the environment will decrease. Especially when stimulated in some way. He will long response from the response. Look foolish

easy Drowsiness

baby meningitisThose patients with meningitis than look confused and less resonsif, they also look lazy. For the main habits is sleeping most of the day. When she was in her wake, too difficult to move from the mattress. This is becoming one of the symptoms of his disease signs of meningitis. Although not absolutely happen to all sufferers.

Red rash

In addition, one sign of someone affected by the disease meningitis is a red rash on their body parts. However, the situation is different rashes. If you try to roll the glass in this section, the rash does not disappear. Materials with on tap though.

That is the cause of meningitis and symptoms to watch. This disease should not be underestimated because it is very dangerous.

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