Some Causes of Meningitis in Children and Adults

March 16, 2017 - nerve and brain
Some Causes of Meningitis in Children and Adults

Brain disease is one disease that is severe enough. It could even be said is crucial. So for people with diseases that attack the brain, the consequences of which must be in a very big responsibility. Wrong medication, improper maintenance, may be fatal can happen. One of which is meningitis. The fact that there are many patients from patients with meningitis died. One of them is Olga Syahputra, presenter Indonesia is on the rise. He died of meningitis in the brain affected by the disease. Go to and fro to Singapore. Unfortunately, there can be saved. Because it is a dangerous disease.

It is a disease that attacks the human brain. Namely causes inflammation of the meninges. While this section is very important and crucial. His role is to protect the brain and spinal cord us. Meningitis disease is one disease that attacks the brain. This brain organ is one of the organs that are flexible enough. It is possible to disease. Of the causes of meningitis, there are two possibilities. That is because microorganisms called bacteria and viruses.

Meningitis disease because bacteria

Although small, it’s micro-organisms in value quite dangerous. In truth, there are many types of bacteria present in the human body. But not all the circumstances of this bacteria active. Some are not active. Well when bacteria had been inactive, then Liha movement. If growing and destructive on the one part, it will cause disease. For example if it develops in the meninges, it will cause meningitis. Of all bacteria present, not all could potentially cause meningitis. There are only a few bacteria capable of causing disease are at risk of meningitis. Examples are as follows:

1. The bacteria Neisseria type

Example is Neisseria meningitidis. This type of bacteria is commonly known as meningococcal bacteria. In this bacterium is the most common bacterial meningitis outbreak. The ability of these bacteria are able to live in some vital organs. One of them is the nose and throat. Although in its early stages besifat non-active or does not cause infection. Unfortunately, this bakery non-active status is not always the case. There is a certain amount of time, in which the bacteria are able to fight with a strong immune system or the immune system.

Even able to beat the strength of the immune system or immune system proficiency level. So, if it gets lost in the human immune system, can lead to meningitis. It is usually, almost all adults already has the immune system against this type of bacteria (Neisseria meningitidis). Structurally, these bacteria tend to not be able to live for a long time is outside the human body. Hence, these bacteria will spread in the environment humans through direct contact. Another possibility is happening is to spread from close range. One was when exposed to saliva from the coughs and sneezes of a person. Or it could be when doing a kiss with someone.

2. The bacteria Streptococcus type

Example is the type of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. This bacterium was able to live in the nose and throat man. But he lives in a non-active status or circumstances. So that its presence does not cause infections in humans earlier. It is structurally quite similar to the type of Neisseria. But there are particular in watu Waku use these bacteria to attack humans.

That is when the immune system or human imunnitas systems are down. Then these bacteria will melaukan resistance. Namely by attacking the immune system earlier. Even the attack until the true cause of human disease had meningitis.

In contrast to batteries on the type of Neisseria. In this type of bacteria did not attack in adults. Melahan meningitis is more common in children, especially a baby. Whereas the conditions and circumstances of the baby has not been immune systems or imunnitas good. For infants, the immune system in a state of growing.

3. Bacteria Escherichia Type

These bacteria normally reside and live in the human intestine. Its function is needed by the body, which is helpful in terms of food spoilage. Bacteria known as Escherichia coli turns out to have a tendency could potentially cause disease. One of which is meningitis. Meskpun in rare cases.

4. The bacteria Listeria

Who would have thought, the bacteria are called by the name of listeria can cause meningitis? Although not a very dangerous bacteria, such as Neisseria and Haemophilus type. But these bacteria may also cause meningitis due to the ability of listeria that can trigger inflammation of the meninges.

5. bacteria Haemophilus Type

In addition, there are several types of bacteria that can cause meningitis. One is a type of bacteria Haemophilus influenza type B or who have (Hib). Although not as extreme and often of the two types of bacteria above. At this bacteria poses a risk of meningitis. But in the conditions and rare cases.meningitis

Meningitis Disease Due to Virus

Not only bacteria that could lead to a person developing the disease meningitis. The influence of micro-organisms, one of which is the virus may also cause a person affected by meningitis. How the virus can infect a person affected by the disease meningitis is to get into the human body. Then, the virus with locomotor aktivnya able to travel to the brain, exactly in the meninges or known as the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. Once the virus got to the part of the meninges, he directly infects the part. This of course can cause inflammation or ordinary in sebu with meningitis.

Of the many viruses that exist, it turns out not all of them could potentially cause meningitis. There is only pa Are Some types only. This is an example of a virus that could spark and cause meningitis:

1. Virus Enteroviruses

Is one of the viruses that can cause meningitis disease sufferers. Although the first incident, the patient with an infection of this virus will be potentially affected by abdominal pain. If the transmission of this virus to the brain, extending into the meninges, could also potentially be the cause of meningitis.

2. Herpes Simplex Virus

This harpex virus is known as one of the viruses that attack the genitals maniusia. In patients affected by this disease, usually known by the name Harpes genital. But who would have thought, this disease can also cause meningitis disease. Although not always, but its potential is quite large. If you let this virus goes to the brain.

3. Chicken Pox Virus

Measles is one of the most banya skin diseases encountered in the community. Not fairly rich or poor, people with chickenpox indeed infect anyone. the causes may vary. But the main problem is due to a virus. This type of virus it could develop. Even if the perjalananya to the brain, will bernasip bad. One of them is the involvement of the disease meningitis.

4. Measles Virus

Measles is a disease that can be avoided. Even the government is also making its prevention by using a form of the measles vaccine. Usually it will be awarded on a toddler when processing imunnisasi. For those with measles, it was hard and long to heal. Moreover, measles can interfere with the development of the child. After doing the research stage, the measles virus could evolve toward more severe. Even to make people potentially exposed to other diseases. One of them is affected by meningitis.

5. Influenza Virus

Although classified as a disease that is light and not too heavy, influenza is often ignored by the sufferer. They underestimate this virus problem. Although it is actually quite disturbing sufferer. Unfortunately in the development of this virus, it can menyebabka sufferers experience considerable problem. Because this virus could evolve to become more active again. When circumstances permit, the virus can infect the brain affected by the disease sufferers. One of which is meningitis.

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