When is the right time for tonsillectomy ??

February 2, 2017 - Mouth and Maksilofasial
When is the right time for tonsillectomy ??

The doctors actually strongly advised to perform removal of tonsils, because the tonsils are an important part of the body needs to ward off disease. Exterminator soldier cells of viruses and bacteria in the gland tonsils serve as a defensive wall to kill the viruses and bacteria that enter carried by food and air.

There were 2 groups, is an inflammation of the tonsils should be in operation or not. The classification is based on the character of inflammation that has occurred, namely:

tonsil2sure indication

Where necessary process of tonsils if the character tonsillitis which runs as follows:

Enlarged tonsils and resulting airway becomes blocked so that the oxygen intake will be reduced.
Severe pain when swallowing food, or swallowed though.
Patients experiencing insomnia and cardiopulmonary complications
Inflammation resulting in convulsions with high fever

relative indications

Tonsillectomy can only be done when knowing the history of tonsillitis over the last few years. Too often suffer from tonsillitis can make more chronic inflammation. Therefore, if you have strep throat three times in the last year, it is necessary to tonsillectomy. But if there is a positive response in the development of appropriate medical expectations, it is not advisable to do a tonsillectomy or just performed surgery to reduce inflammation.


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