7 fact about Lupus that you must know

March 2, 2017 - intern
7 fact about Lupus that you must know

Perhaps only a few people know about the disease lupus. Auotimun disease is indeed a lot of baseball raised by the media. We still remember you with some international public figures are affected by lupus, such as Selena Gomez, Kristen Johnston, Toni Braxton, Shannon Boxx, and Nick Cannon? Apparently, a lot of ordinary people affected by lupus.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune which can damage any part of the body. When a person suffers from lupus, their immune system can not distinguish between ‘foreign invaders’ and the body’s own cells. As a result, the immune system destroys healthy tissue. According to data from the Lupus Foundation of America, 1.5 billion people in the United States suffer from lupus. According to them, people of Asian, African, and Native Americans had most likely to develop the disease compared to the Caucasian race. For you who may not have been too familiar with this disease. selena gomez

This disease has many symptoms. Because lupus can strike any body part, people affected by lupus will experience a variety of symptoms. Many people who suffer from lupus initially experience headache, muscle aches, and others. But the difference with other diseases is that you will experience terrible pain. But there are also other symptoms typical of the disease; a butterfly-shaped rash on the nose bone. This rash becomes the most obvious signs, even though baseball all people affected by lupus have these marks.

Takes a long time until someone diagnosed with lupus.

You may be surprised, because the time required to diagnose a very long time. Mostly, the doctor takes five years to diagnose patients with lupus! This is because many kinds of lupus symptoms.

Lupus can attack several body systems.

It is also the uniqueness of autoimmune diseases. Lupus can attack the turns several body systems. Even so, there lupus attactare some parts of the body most heavily attacked this disease; inflammation of the heart and lungs. Besides kidney also often become targets for attack this disease. Menyeranbg lupus kidney called lupus nephritis, which causes the kidneys so meeradang and can not wash the blood properly. Apparently, lupus can also attack the skin. Other body systems that can also be attacked lupus is the nervous system, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, and digestive system.

Drugs used to be strong.

This disease is very strong so as to cure it also needs stronger medication. Thus, these drugs can also cause side effects were outstanding. One of the drugs used to work in a different way to the usual drugs. These drugs stop the function of the immune system attacking the body. But these drugs also will provide high risk, can even cause cancer.

Patients should be doing a special diet.

It is often forgotten is another factor. Some foodstuffs, was actually able to trigger a relapse of the disease. Patients with lupus should avoid alfalfa sprouts because they contain the amount of the amino acid L-canavanine, which can lead to trigger lupus. Some doctors also recommend that patients avoid mushrooms and garlic, which has triggered lupus in some patients.

Sunlight it can also be a problem.

Mostly, lupus patients should avoid the sun. When they are exposed to the sun they become photosensitive, which produce a skin rash, joint pain, and a weakening of the body. They are usually overcome by using a hat and sunscreen.

Most patients with lupus are women.

Although lupus is a rare disease, but 90% of lupus patients are women. There are no valid explanation based on research, about the reasons why more women suffer from this disease.


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