Let’s Prevent the Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance

August 1, 2017 - emergency medic and first aid
Let’s Prevent the Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance

antibiotikAntibiotics are a remedy used to fight infection bacteria. Many bacterial infections are in the past deadly, can resolved after the discovery of antibiotics. Use of antibiotics not in right condition, can cause resistance antibiotics or immunity, It make antibiotics are useful.

Now this is a dilemma. Patients who have not understand antibiotic function, always ask for antibiotics prescribed. In fact, antibiotics only useful to fight bacterial infections, and will not be useful for infections caused by viruses.

While doctors are always getting demands from patients who ‘want to hurry healed ‘, can also falter by giving antibiotics in that condition actually not necessary. Become a habit, until some patients already began to realize the use of a rational antibiotic drug was finally like difficulty finding a doctor who gives antibiotics rationally.

Come on, let’s prevent antibiotic resistance. Always use top antibiotics only advice / prescription. When it is decided to be given, then drink accordingly doctor’s advice. Buying your own antibiotic at a pharmacy can potentially harmful to the body. Do not give antibiotics leftovers to others. Let ‘keep’ antibiotics as a weapon against the conditions of bacterial infection when absolutely necessary.

“Antibiotics save live, we have to save antibiotics.”

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