First Aid In The Sink

March 27, 2017 - emergency medic and first aid
First Aid In The Sink

Deaths due to drowning usually not because the lungs are full of water, but because of the throat spasms so that the victim can not breathe.

Water entering the lungs are relatively few. Water flowing from the mouth when the victim was rescued come from the stomach, instead of lungs. So you should be allowed to flow itself. Attempts to force water out of the stomach can cause the water out of the stomach can cause stomach contents are inhaled into the lungs.

tenggelamDrowning victim may suffer from cold and shortness of breath so hipotermianya must be addressed. Victims should always be given medical treatment. Because the water that goes into the lungs causing irritation and, although the victim seemed to have recovered, swelling of the airway can still occur several hours later.

Do not press the abdomen but her airway is blocked.

First aid following the sinking:

When lifting the victim, his head should be lower than the body to reduce the risk of sucking water. Make sure the position of the victim’s head lower and tilted so that the water flowing out of his mouth.

Lay the victim on a coat or blanket. Opened his airway, check breathing and pulse, ready to perform resuscitation if necessary.

To cope with hypothermia, perform these steps:

Water in the lungs and as a result of freezing will be able to increase the resistance to artificial respiration and chest compression. So do both of them at a lower velocity than usual


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