March 19, 2017 - emergency medic and first aid

Choking is an incident trivial that can be fatal, which can make breathing hard even cause death due to run out of breath, so if it happens to people around us, we must know the first thing to do, below are some steps first aid when choke:

child heimlich

If the choking victim is a pregnant woman or adults who are overweight (obesity), we can do no other choice to do a “chest thrust” is to put your fist in the middle of the sternum

pregnant choke
Choking Treatment For Childhood> 1year – Adults The Unconscious

If the victim becomes unconscious falls do the following steps:

You have successfully handle an unconscious choking victim if you’ve noticed the following signs:

Perform the following steps if you’ve managed to handle a choking victim. Because there are several possibilities that will happen after the foreign objects out of the mouth of the victim:

Choking Treatment For Infants (<1 years old)

Handling of the baby choking on a different course with children older than 1 year. We can not do abdominal pressure (Heimlich manuever) in infants because it will injure internal organs, namely the liver. Handling choking for infants consisted of a combination of chest compressions (chest thrust) and pat the back (back slaps).
Here is an aid measures choking for infants who are still conscious:

Technic Thrust Chest or Chest Press

If the foreign body has not been able to get out and be aware of your baby (baby fell limp, no movement, blue lips, unable to cry or make a sound) handling is as follows:

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