How Prevention of Chlamydia
Free sex may now not be a taboo to talk about. Even too freely, the results showed 22.6% of teenagers in Indonesia close to the free sex life. The lack of [...]
Different Types of Sex or Genital Organ Disease
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Caused by bacteria. The infection starts a few days to several weeks after sexual intercourse with an infected person is. In men, [...]
kidney stone
what Cause and The Symptoms Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)
A kidney stone is a kidney disease, a disease that causes problems in kidney function. kidney stone disease also has a medical name Nephrolithiasis. [...]
what is Kidney stones ?
Kidney is one organ that is essential for human life. Kidney function works as an important organ which has a role as a blood filter, issue results [...]
biopsi cone
Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer
If cervical cancer is detected early, treatment success rates are higher. Referral to a gynecologist or physician specialist female reproductive system [...]
trachelectomy 1
Cervical Cancer Treatment
Treatment of cervical cancer depends on several factors. Eg, stage of cancer, type of cancer, the patient’s age, the desire to have children, other [...]
human papilloma virus
How Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Prevention
In fact everyone can be infected with HPV virus that cause cervical cancer does not care either women or men as well. HPV infection is mainly transmitted [...]