what is baby massage ?

February 24, 2017 - baby and children
what is baby massage ?

In the next few years, you will undergo a bond with your baby in a car, shopping, and sleeping together in bed on a Sunday morning. Once the baby is born, one of the best ways to live a relationship is routine infant massage that will help him (and you) to relax. Do massage when he was quiet, but not in sleepy. And play soft music and the same each time she will associate the sound of music with relaxation massage earlier.
Sit on the floor with both feet flat and knees slightly bent wide open (diamond-shaped), so you can put your baby on a blanket between your legs. If it is not convenient, put her on your lap. Make sure she feels warm, and use pure oils and massage gently to move forward with you. Some tips to get started on American Message Therapy Association (please note: do massage with nature slowly and with gently but firmly).


While the baby on her back, grasp both feet and knees together and stick knee to his stomach. (Warning: This movement can make the throw gas). Additionally, grasp both feet and knees and rotate in a circular motion, to the left and to the right, to relax the hips. It also makes cure stomachache.

pijat bayiHow Baby Foot Massage

Hold the baby’s legs with one hand and pat along her leg with the other hand. Wipe down up from his toes to the hips and then back. Then, massage her feet and drag each fingers. Use your thumbs to rub the bottom of her feet from heel to toe and massage around the ankle with small circular massage-massage.

How to Massage Baby Stomach

Use your fingertips, make small circular massage-massage. Use massage I Love U. Use two or three fingers, which form the letters I-L-U of the direction of the baby. When the position we form the letters I – L – U inverted. The following stages massage:

Sort of a baby left under the ribs to the bottom (letter I)
Sort crosses from right to left baby baby, then down (L)
Sort of the baby’s lower right, up to the top right of the baby, curved into a U and down again to the left of the baby. All movement ends in the left abdomen baby.

How Sleeve Infant Massage

Hold the baby’s wrist with one hand and pat along with tangaa other arm. Massage up and down from the tip to the base of the arm, then massage the palm of his hand and press and pull each finger. Repeat on the other arm.

How to Massage Baby Backs

Telungkupkan atai baby on the floor on top of your legs and motion-second movement of your hand up and down from the top of his back to his buttocks. Do massage with a small circle along his spine. Bend your fingers like a rake and scratched his back towards the bottom.

How to Massage in the Head and Face Baby

Lift the back of his head with both hands and rub your scalp with your fingertips. Then, rub the leaves and rub telingannya eyebrows, the eyelids are closed, and the start of peak bone hidungnnya crossed into her cheeks. Massage chin by making small circles.

but there is condition of Baby Massage Not Recommended

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