Condition of Baby Massage Not Recommended

February 24, 2017 - baby and children
Condition of Baby Massage Not Recommended

Although it has many benefits, baby massage should be done carefully because of infant massage can give side effects if done the wrong way. Massages are too rough with the pressure that is too strong can lead to injury and trauma to the infant child. In addition, Mother should not do massage when a baby has one or more of the following conditions :

  1. When the baby has a fever or an infection problem
  2. If the baby is having problems with her heart
  3. If the baby is experiencing motor problems
  4. When babies often experience seizuressleepy
  5. When the baby has a rash, chapped skin, or bruising
  6. When a new baby is immunized. Stop the baby massage routine until at least 48 hours after immunization
  7. When a new baby is eating. Wait for at least 30 minutes after eating before starting massage baby baby
  8. When a baby is fussy. Imposing massage when she is fussy baby will not make him feel better. He could even be traumatized and refused subsequent infant massage
  9. When a baby is sleeping. Although it has many benefits, Mother does not need to wake the child from a deep sleep only to massage

Therefore, to ensure optimal infant child benefit from a massage, it’s good Mother consult with a pediatrician to make sure the best way to give baby massage. In addition, note the reaction of small massages that Mother did. If she looks uncomfortable and did not like massage Mother, baby massage stop immediately and find out the cause of your child feel uncomfortable. The negative effects of infant massage can be avoided.


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